Train Driver in Eyeliner

some stills of nick fronting earl brutus

As a tribute to Nick Sanderson, singer with Earl Brutus, who died recently, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Box Recorder and British Sea Power played a gig at the Forum in London on October 27th 2008. Jeremy Deller and I filmed the concert, and here’s some clips from the event, featuring all the bands including Nick’s wife Romi singing with the Jesus and Mary Chain and some shots of Nick and the band from many years ago:

Actually, I think one of the reasons Jeremy and I became friends and then made work together was a shared love of earl brutus. The first time i saw them was at Smashing one night, and (maybe?) the next day me and my friend Mikey cadged a lift to Manchester to see them play again. And again they were amazing. Sort of Kraftwerk meets the Glitter Band whilst listening to Magazine on a night out at the Wigan Casino. And then at gigs i would bump into Jeremy who also felt they were the best band around at the time.

John Williams, a good author whose book Bloody Valentine i really liked, wrote a good obituary about Nick at Caught By the River.
and in another piece Jim Reid of the Mary chain talks about the Train Driver in Eyeliner gig.