This Filthy Earth

I noticed a few great stories about man’s relationship to nature recently.

First there is this little snail on the left, called Vertigo Angustior, in a battle with this slimey creature on the right:

The little critters are doing a good job fighting the forces of mammon, read about Trump’s struggle with the snails by clicking here.

Then there’s this here yew tree. Scientists think it’s the oldest living thing in the United Kingdom, at 5000 years and still going. Much as I dislike the Daily Mail, there’s more on this story here.

And, lastly, a short article by George Monbiot which is worth reading. He can be quite annoying, but his suggestion that environmentalism should be more of a positive movement rather than a negative, oppositional one, struck a chord with me (and my aims with things like ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears’). Anyway, worth a look, IMHO – read the piece by clicking here.

That’s it from Nicky’s Naturewatch for now!