The Wizard of Sound


I’ve continued to be amazed and happy about the long life of the Depeche Mode film I co-directed with Jeremy Deller. The record company who own it only allow us to show it occaisionally, but the end of last year was great, with its first showings in Germany and some special shows in the UK, including what for me was the best screening yet, in the presence of Alan Wilder. Here’s a clip of the Q and A we did with Alan after the screening:

It was really amazing that the audience asked questions almost entirely about the film – we were all prepared for fans to bombard Alan with questions about his time with the band, which just didn’t happen. And Alan was a perfect gent, signing autographs and chatting with everyone afterwards in the Clapham Picturehouse Bar. Apparently they practically had to prise him out of the bar at the end of the night.


Alan posing with a very happy fan. While I’m reminded I must lay off the chocolates.

And it was so great to have old friends like Nervous Stephen and superstar producer Arthur Baker playing old school vinyl all night long. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s someone else’s review (and I like that they quite rightly refer the ‘Godlike’ Arthur Baker – I got the impression that most people didn’t know who he was, and those that did were gobsmacked that he was there literally DJing from behind the bar!). Click here for the review. If you’ve winrar download 64 bit windows 10 seen the film you will recognise the following reprobate, and if you dont his name is Mark. He spent about 7 year homeless in London, and half of that time he lived under Hammersmith Bridge, until the music of Depeche Mode helped turn his life around.


Next stop, Los Angeles for some screenings at the end of January. Toot toot!