The Sound of Attenborough

A while ago I was lucky enough to take part in a daylong workshop about wildlife sound recording by Chris Watson, the brilliant sound recordist behind many of the best nature documentaries you see on TV. For instance, you can hear his work in shows like Life in the Undergrowth and The Life of Birds.

And Chris recorded one of my favourite albums ever, ‘Outside of the Circle of Fire’

It sounds like some awful album your parents would have owned of wildlife sound recordings, but it isnt anything of the kind… the recordings themselves are so textured and interesting its hard not to conjure imaginary scenes whilst listening to them. Maybe I just like the sound of hippos ‘laughing’. It’s another great recording from Touch.

Gosh, I’ve just noticed Chris is doing a talk with Sir David Attenborough! Should be good, although its not til august, more details here.

Anyway, here’s a short film I made on the day with Chris Watson, its very abstract (mainly due to filming on a couple of short ends of film!), very gentle and more of an accompaniment to the sound records done by many people on that day than a film in its own right. It was just my way of responding to listening and learning from a very experienced and generous guy.

I would love to do another workshop with Chris. And next time I will remember to take more film with me!