The Rebels

Myself, Barney Snow and Toby Amies (two fine, fine filmmakers) all donned our respective berets in our own tribute to Tony Hancock and ‘The Rebel’

“Aphrodite at the Watering Hole!”

We were talking at the 2014 Open Cities doc festival :

‘In the Mind of the Artist

Sun 22 June / 12:00 / Studio 1

Making documentary films about artists contains an inherent problem. The imaginative space that some artists inhabit can be so extreme that any film is likely to be eclipsed by the subject matter. So how do you make a documentary that matches the subject, and better still, how can your telling bring something new to the subject and end up being a work of art in its own right? Nick Abrahams, Toby Amies and Barney Snow, three filmmakers who have swum in these waters, will discuss approaches to this endeavour using their own work and bringing other examples to the table.’