the Experience is about to begin!


Nearing the end of the edit of my new film with Jeremy Deller about the unbelievable world of Bruce Lacey. It’s hard to sum the man or his life up. Suffice to say he connects many different subcultural strands together in a big boiling pot of British music, art and film. Here’s a tiny thing Jeremy posted about Bruce: click here. Probably the best piece on the web currently is here, although mainly about Bruce’s robot Rosa.

We did do a preview of the film in a rough form as part of the Brighton Festival. Sweet review of the evening in the Argus, even if they have renamed me! And another review here.

That’s Bruce with Arthur Brown, of ‘the God of Hellfire’ fame, at the preview as part of the Brighton Festival. Bruce turned up and heckled Jeremy for leaving things out from the film! The trouble is Bruce has done so much, its impossible to cram it all in. At least what I think we have achieved is created a taster for people who will want to know more about the man and his works.

Anyway, prepare for lift off with Jeremy, me and Professor Lacey this summer!!