The Evil Cameramen (and Women)


Some years ago, I made a film about No Wave film makers in New York city, it was a fanzine, a work of enthusiasm. And a great learning curve. Its been available to rent from the Video and Film Umbrella for years and now the Lux have streamed it on line so anyone can watch it! hurrah for new technology!

so you can watch my first documentary in all its lo-fi glory by clicking here

They’ve also put up a fairly lengthy reminiscence by me about why and how I ended up making this thing, so if you want to read yet more of my thoughts click here!

It did make it into the London Film Festival and other such places that put up with lo fi films about drug addled film makers! I do associate these films with people making films for the love and excitement of it. It’s not like Nick Zedd was likely to get much public funding for his films. So they were mainly made on miniscule budgets, and with an aesthetic to match.


This was a letter from Nick Zedd to me, written on the back of one of his illustrations (I think he’s a really good graphic artist) from the Underground Film Bulletin (this appears to be of Kembra Pfahler, who was very much on the scene… and whose work I love, and I think its absolutely great that she is finally getting some recognition, mainly in the art world it seems. She even performed at the Whitney Biennale).

If you’ve watched my documentary and want to see more of the films, there are plenty on the web (though probably not the naughtiest ones!). Here’s an old, old Kern film, which is pretty good, but made much better because it stars the amazing David Wojnarowicz, who was himself a truly inspiring/inspired artist and writer: