The Bigfoot Cometh!

The Horse Hospital is hosting an exhibition by the unique Ronny Long, star of backyard wrestling, artist of great merit and star of Matthew Killip‘s award winning short film ‘master of reality’.

The show will feature some of Ronny’s lovely paintings of Bigfoot, and so, to add to the merry making, some idiot had the idea of a life drawing class with Bigfoot as the life model. Yes, a hairy, uncontrollable creature will be on show to be sketched as best you can, for one night only, folks! And who, indeed, might be foolish enough to agree to be that Bigfoot? A man with a body made to be exploited as that of a hairy wild man of the mountains, that’s who!! yes, take a guess…

What Is It? ‘ – Bigfoot Life Drawing Class.
(Taking inspiration from the P.T. Barnham’s 1860’s traveling Wildman show,)
For 3 hours come observe, study and draw a genuine Wildman in the informal surroundings of the Horse hospital.
Space is limited, so in order to avoid disappointment and guarantee a place please book your tickets at

tickets available here.

Anyway, more info on the exhibition here