note from kids after sigur ros gig
drawing of sigur ros gig by kids

hello folks, this is my first blog entry and really its a repost of a thing i wrote for Pippa Brooks‘ website

I have been working with Icelandic rockers Sigur Ros for much of this year on various films and videos which has been great fun. A few months ago I got a call from John Best, one of their managers, asking if I could very quickly get some footage together to be projected behind them on stage. Lead singer Jonsi specifically asked for imagery of some young children singing along to the extended ending of their best known song “Hoppipolla”. So I did what any sensible gentleman would do and called Pippa Brooks, who in her turn made a few calls and voila, a couple of days later we had a party of children ready to go! Thankfully the weather stayed clear for us and a group of brilliant kids (Hannah, Joe, Duke, Madison, Charlie, Grace and Adam), a couple of parents and I jumped into cabs and hightailed it to Clapham Common, where we filmed for a bit then celebrated with ice creams all round!!

nick abrahams filming sigur ros visuals

I shot it on Super 8 film and developed the footage that evening at home, telecined it shorty after and sent it to the band to do with as they wished.

Fast forward to the gig and a whole gaggle of parents and children met up at Alexander Palace to see Sigur Ros perform live. Despite the fact that there were 7,000 people there and we were at the back of the hall, we managed to see pretty well and about half an hour in, it happened…all the kids were up on our shoulders and it was strangely amazing to have the kids watch themselves on the big screen behind the band, and to hear the whole audience (including the kids), singing along with the band. Ok, it wasn’t the most complex of vocals (”ooo-ee-ooh….ooo-eee-oooh..”) but it was just lovely. Plus Alexandra Palace as a venue has many faults, but what it did have was a pick ‘n’ mix sweet stall which the kids found more interesting than the bar!

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After the show I was chatting to Jonsi, who berated me for not keeping the children there to meet him (even though it was past midnight!). Apparantly it’s his favourite visual in the (very visual) show (another highlight was when a real wall of water rained down in front of the band…..hard to describe but beautiful). Here’s another clip of the band performing “Gobbledigook” in front of some more of my visuals…