Roll up! Roll up!

Two upcoming screenings I have organised. The first, on July 17th at the Horse Hospital, is a joint event with Peter Strickland, whose recent works include Berberian Sound Studio.

We are going to show a couple of very old films of ours (Peter’s ‘Bubblegum’ and my ‘No Age New York‘) and discus the influence of the US underground on our work. Which should be fun!

Screening from original VHS format!

More on the event here.

And the day after, on July 18th, I am curating a very special evening of subjective nature films… ‘It’s a Bugs Life… and then you Die‘.

A program which covers a scientist who was simply too ahead of his time – Dr Nils Hellstrom – films about sound recordist Chris Watson, mad bug films, scary bug films, charming bug films – it’s nature but it sure ain’t National Geographic.

Just some films which cover nature with an unusual point of view – definitely not ‘blue chip’. More info on the night here.

All money from both events will be going to the Horse Hospital to help their fight against eviction.