Rock’n’Roll Ritual!

This is a teaser for a film called Vision Quest I have been working on about artist Marcus Coates and a ritual he performed for the community at Elephant and Castle, and most specifically the Heygate estate there (you must have seen it, an empty, looming mass behind the Elephant shopping centre)… Marcus is part artist, part shaman, and the ritual was performed accompanied by psychedelic disco heavy rock band Chrome Hoof. The film will be pretty amazing, a rockumentary and an artwork all in one. There will be more details about screenings and so on anon, from March 2012.

Marcus on the Heygate estate

Ps Marcus, being a man of taste, had banned me from using the phrase ‘a rock’n’roll ritual’, on the grounds that no one under the age of thirty uses the phrase ‘rock’n’roll’. ROCK’N’ROLLLLLLLLL!