Rebel girls (and boys)

Years and years ago me and Mikey Tomkins made a video fanzine about the bands we liked in London at the time, they were almost a scene, although its weird in retrospect to see Cornershop next to Mambo Taxi and all the riot grrls. And then Bikini Kill came on tour to the UK (and were awesome live) so they became part of it. Sadly we lost some of our tapes, including one of the few interviews we did, which was with Bikini Kill. Oh well! its really a mishmash of home made pop videos and live footage, all made with much enthusiasm and friendship! We weren’t exactly professional, for instance i don’t think it ever occurred to us to record the live sound at gigs properly.

But we did manage to edit it all together, under the name ‘Getting Close to Nothing’ and it was released as a VHS many years back, and now someone has put it up on youtube, so here are a few clips:

‘Suck My Left One’ by Bikini Kill

This was Bikini Kill at the Conway Hall in London, and was an example of me trying to learn to shoot super 8 film. Super 8 seemed right, me and Mikey were really into ‘The Punk Rock Movie‘ and Derek Jarman’s home movies

‘Pansy Twist’ by Huggy Bear. The band were away on tour, except for guitarist John Slade, so we dragged him out, along with a bear on a moped, around London. When the bear appeared on the council estate I lived on in Hackney, the little kids went crazy with excitement. John who was in the suit at the time seemed quite unsure of how to react. Journalist Richard Smith played a nasty cop, and it was a bit of a homage to Genet, dontyaknow. But with a cuddly bear.

‘Waterlogged’ by Cornershop

The first pop video I ever made! I’ve heard Tjinder is a bit of a diva nowadays, and thinking back, he was a bit of a diva back then! It’s fifteen years late, but I’d just like to say ‘well done!’ to Mikey for managing to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear of dodgy footage!