Rankin, Jefferson Hack and Me

Recently while throwing lots of old books and magazine out, I came across a copy of a magazine from a dim and distant episode in my life. For a few issues, I was Film Editor of Dazed and Confused. I ended up getting in a row with Jefferson about something really stupid and minor and decided I couldn’t be arsed with them any more. He went on to become rather rich and shag Kate Moss and I didn’t. But I did get to interview an odd selection of people including John Woo, James Ellroy and William Gibson and this one with Chow Yun Fat, so I’m not complaining. Much to my surprise, Mr Chow genuinely was a MASSIVE Ray Cooney fan and talked excitedly of doing a big screen version of one of his plays… I’d still pay good money to see what John Woo could have done with ‘Run for Your Wife’, heroic bloodshed style.