Potential Future Genius!

Rather hyperbolic praised heaped on me on the Run Riot website, in a piece built around the ICA dates this month. I will just quote this bit (whilst blushing):

“He’s a filmmaker who should be known to more people, not least by more film industry people who should give him more chance to make more brilliance all the time. He’s someone who’ll be hailed as a genius in 50 years and you’ll regret not going to this retrospective when you could.”

I loved their description of ‘Ekki Mukk’ :

“It’s folky, but it’s not a cute facsimile of folksiness, it’s sinister and wild folk. It packs all forms of life into 10 minutes, it’s not like any other fiction shorts you’ll see this year.”

and ‘Our Hobby is Depeche Mode’

“one of the greatest documentaries of the last decade”

Meanwhile tickets still available for the ICA nights. More info here.

Read the full piece by clicking here.