The inhabitants of my old street, Beck Road. Genesis P. Orridge and his clan can be seen on the left hand side, as seen in a pamphlet about the street from 1988.

This is just a short post addendum to one from some months ago about Gen and a hand grenade. Beck Road had been lived in mainly by artists thanks to Acme Studios.

If you look at photos of Beck Road today, you can see how little it has changed. Here are some relatively recent Throbbing Gristle related pics of Beck Road.

Above is a page from the Beck Road pamphlet about Mikey Cuddihy, an artist living on Beck Road, and here’s an interview with her from a project I did with Stewart Home a few years ago called ‘London Art Tripping’.

From the same project, here’s an interesting interview Stewart conducted and I shot of artist Francis Morland, who discuses how he smuggled drugs into the country hidden inside his sculptures! It’s just like a plot from one of Stewart’s novels!

Beck Road today is also the home of the Eel fanzine, definitely worth seeking out, for stories about the East London of today and yesterday.