My Modelling Career Blasts Off!


The lovely people at Uniform Wares invited be to be the subject of some photographs for a photo project recently. They make high end watches of the finest design and finish and therefor wanted to find some people who wear their watches and why the little details in life mean so much to them. The photos resulted in an exhibition which you can read and see more about by clicking here. Alas, I was away and could not attend.

But here are a couple of photos of me from the show by the photographer Jim Naughten, who I must remember to send some DVDs to after our brief but lovely chat about dinosaurs!

So.. this really is my ancient and dirty beekeeping veil.. My plan is to hopefully have a hive (or two! preferably!) in the back garden by next summer. I continue to be fascinated by these amazing creatures, who are far stranger and more wonderful than any alien creature i have ever dreamed about…

This is somewhat more embarrassing! I took my kit off with almost zero encouragement! We actually took some shots with lots of snails crawling on me but I was very sweaty, they kept falling off, what can I say?! Anyway, as anyone who knows me knows, I LOVE SNAILS (even though they demolish my garden each year!). I have plans afoot to put out a record including the sounds of snails… More on this in due course. And I love this photo.

Anyway, thanks to all at Uniform Wares especially Melissa Ramos, who dragged me into this!