I will try to write some more about David in another post, but for now here’s some info and clips…

David Tibet on Hastings Beach
David Tibet contemplating the Apocalypse on Hastings Beach
the lovely David Tibet, possibly not contemplating the Apocalypse
the lovely David Tibet, possibly not contemplating the Apocalypse

David Tibet is a musician, artist, poet, Coptic scholar, lover of God, and all round good chap. One of my best friends, Geoff Cox, has told me much about David, but it was only on the occasion of David exhibiting at the lovely Isis Gallery that I really got to chat to him. I have often admired his ability to see beyond what is fashionable and to champion those with a true voice or calling, and he has put out albums by such diverse artists as Shirley Collins, Tiny Tim and was the original home for Antony and the Johnsons, way before anyone else championed the beauty in Antony’s voice.

In another coincidence I had just read a fine novel by Tod Wodicka who wrote the introduction to David’s exhibition catalogue (there’s also an essay by Michael Faber who wrote the amazing ‘Under the Skin‘). There you go, two book recommendations in one blog entry.

So here are two films I made with David in December 2008, mainly about his art.