Man Enough to be a Woman


While I was in the USA at the True/False festival, I took the opportunity to track down and spend some time with the legendary Jayne County. She is one remarkable lady! I went and filmed with her over a few days, just doing some interviews, as she is busy on family business currently.

But what amazing interviews!! I’m not one to get over excited, but this feels like the start of what may well become an incredible film… fingers crossed!

Here’s Jayne and I after a long day of Jayne telling hilarious and mainly libelous anecdotes:


Here is a clip of Jayne (when she was Wayne… I told you it’s an amazing story) playing in 1972!!! Fabulous! Something I was just watching on youtube, it’s punk rock way before punk:


She really is an inspiring person. More of this when I’ve done some work on it!