Lions & Tigers & Bears – the Single!

Ahhh! Some pics of the gatefold 7 inch vinyl of ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears’ – available as seen or as a download via lovely Lo Recordings – by clicking here. Or by contacting me, of course! If you do buy the vinyl you get a free download of all the tracks as well. The vinyl is very limited to only 200 copies.

It’s a follow up to the film Ekki Mukk, but in audio form, adding another layer to the psychic landscape I am trying to investigate here in Britain.

This is some snails being recorded for the single by myself and Jens Rosenlund Petersen, who also designed the sound on ‘Ekki Mukk’ . At first we couldn’t hear anything … turned out that was because the snail wasn’t actually eating! But when it did…

snail, eating – from ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears’ from nicholas abrahams on Vimeo.