Lions and Tigers and Bears opening

Just some images from the opening of my show ‘LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS’ at the Horse Hospital. I will follow up with some images of the show itself another time.

So, I will get this off my chest first, this was my outfit for the opening – a cat wrestler look – although i only wrestle women, in homage to Andy Kaufman, one of my idols. The second and third pics are by the smoke and mirrors of Sarah Lee. The hard looking man in the photo is David Gryn who promoted the show, under his Artprojx guise.

Jeremy Deller is taught how to DJ properly by Nervous Stephen who played animal flavoured tunes to a bewildered crowd. One of my favourite animal sound songs can be heard by clicking here.

A healthy turnout spilled into the street outside the gallery.

The lovely Roger Burton who helped me install the show, taking a firm hold of Felix the Fox. Roger is a fascinating man, and is now fighting to save his art venue from evil landlords – more on that here.

Anyway, like I say, will write about the show itself another time, but just wanted to give a tiny taste of the opening to those who weren’t there but maybe wished they could have been.