Less But Better

I have recently been doing some short video clips for a high end shelving company called Vitsoe, for their newly relaunched website. This has meant filming Dieter Rams, the designer of the shelving units that is the main product they sell. Its amazing that they have been selling the same product for 50 years now, improving upon the original design, but in such a way as to always be compatible with, and almost indistinguishable from, what has come before. Anyway, what an inspiring chap he is. It has been a treat to film someone so involved and passionate about the world around them and the way we function in it. His motto used to be ‘Less, but Better’ – something rather refreshing to hear when usually people are screaming for More! More! More! Now! Now! Now!
Here’s a short clip about him from the Cold War Modern exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum: