Snow White’s Coffin, and other stories…

Dieter Rams in conversation with Deyan Sudjic from Vitsœ on Vimeo.

A short clip about key designer Dieter Rams, in conversation with Deyan Sudjic I shot last year and then edited recently, to tie in with the exhibition about Dieter at the Design Museum in London opening on November 18th.

Dieter is a really interesting guy, who changed the way people design objects with a stint as chief designer at Braun for 30 years. I am particularly interested in the relationship between Rams and British godfather of Pop Art Richard Hamilton. Hamilton based several showbox free download for laptop works of art around Braun’s designs, and you can read about one artwork based around Ram’s toaster design here. Dieter and Deyan chatted about Hamilton a bit, so hopefully there will be a clip about the relationship between these two men at a later date.


This record player designed by Dieter was the SK4, known as ‘Snow White’s Coffin’ due to its innovative clear plastic cover. It’s so standard in such designs now, its hard to imagine someone having to come up with such a simple and effective idea.

The video clip was filmed one day while Dieter was visiting Vitsoe, a company who still produce designs he created over 50 years ago. I hope that one day I earn enough that I can afford some of their stylish shelves in my home!


They would make such a good home for my Tiny Tim dolls (one on the right, next to Dr Owl and Existential Bear):


Imagine how good my Richard Allen books would look on them!