Les Folies Deux!

If you didn’t make it, the other night you missed a great evening of readings and screenings at the lovely Scootercaff in Waterloo, at the slightly infrequent Les Follies, hosted by myself and the ever enthusiastic Madame of Madame Says notoriety.

We hosted a reading by Jonathan Kemp, who delved into his cracking good novel London Triptych.

The Author talking about his book whilst sporting a Peter Berlin shirt. Class!!

We also screened a clip of the always entertaining David Hoyle reading from the novel, with the equally talented Mich Jamieson:

And here is a video clip for you to enjoy of David and Mitch reading from ‘London Triptych’:

That was shot with a special shaky-cam rig my myself and Madame. It’s like a steadicam but smaller. Much, much smaller. And on the end of a very tired arm.

Joe Pop is surprised by yet another naughty passage in London Triptych.

Thanks to Madame at Madame Says for all the pics on this post.