Les Folies de Jayne County

This was the flyer to our first ever ‘Les Folies..’ and this is a pic of me with the fabulous Jayne County

…. subject of a current film project of mine. If you don’t know about her, you should. And you will. Because the film looks like its going to be something quite different to your average rock doc! But I will write about that on another post, because this one is to celebrate the first in a quarterly get together in South London (yes, you know there’s life across the river Thames!) which we are calling ‘Les Folies…’

Here I am with my lovely co-host Pippa Brooks, who writes a great blog ‘madame says’ and sells her wares at her and Nathaniel’s brilliant/tiny shop M. Goldstein:

(note matching stripes and eyewear!)

We are hoping to show odd films, book readings, a little bit of whatever interesting we can get our hands on, in our favourite London caff, Scooter-Caffe.

I was a little terrified as to how this would go, showing rushes of an unfinished film, but it was a hoot. Here are some photos by Etienne Gilfillan
which describe it better than I can write it!

yes, that's Jayne County on the big screen!

So, thanks to all that came, and here’s looking forward to the next one… in a few months time!