It’s Lifedrawing, Jim, But Not as We Know It…

A couple of nights ago, a very special life drawing class was held at the Horse Hospital in Russel Square, to help celebrate the fantastic exhibition by Ronny Long which include some of his bigfoot paintings.

I don’t think I can do better at discussing Ronny’s teenage artwork than this excellent article about him by Mikey Sperlinger – click here to read it. There’s something so romantic and lonely about the bigfoot that Ronny has returned to paint time and again since childhood. Here’s one below:

And Ronny has a blog about his life here.

To go along with the show, Stephen Fowler and myself organised a life drawing class based on the idea of a sideshow ‘wildman’… Stephen created a charmingly threadbare wildman costume for me to wear, and kept things moving, presiding over the class in character – part art tutor, part carnival barker.

What was truly wonderful was the people who came along did such great drawings and wholeheartedly threw themselves into the spirit of the whole thing! Never having posed for an art class before (and probably never will again!!), I really loved how quiet people were while they worked, and the sound of everybody’s pencils and sticks of charcoal scraping away at their drawings.

This is a clip Ronny shot of the wildman being lead on stage by Stephen:

These above 2 pics are by Etienne Gilfillan. This one is of Paul Bommer, and you can see more of his drawings of the wildman here.

This is Alex Czinczel and one of her paper ‘tearings’.

This pic is of bigfoot and a (timid) bear by Zeel.

It was, all in all, a great evening. I got into character maybe a little too much, smashing up a wooden stool, throwing food at the people drawing me, and generally going a little bit ape. But it was October 20th, the 44th anniversary of the famous Patterson Bigfoot sighting! And DJ Joe Egg played a set of wildman themed music. Amazing!

And finally, this is me with the artist whose show it was, Ronny Long, and then with a drawing he gave me that he had done… of the beast within me!

There is so much I could write about Ronny’s work. But maybe best that you watch a clip of some of his videos:

or better still visit the Horse Hospital to see the show, or buy a DVD of some of his film work, alongside ‘Master of Reality’, an award winning short documentary about him by Matt Killip (who also put the show together with Ronny – and who took most of the other pics on this posting), which is available at the show.

This is the trailer to Master of Reality, Matt’s film about Ronny.

Crikey, this is probably my longest blog ever! And its not about me and my films! Maybe it’s easier that way!