In this Bank Vault, there is More to be Found than Money

Currently taking part in a 3 person group show at the Koppel Project , a gallery in a bank vault at 93 Baker St in London. The 3 artists are:
Me! And…

Nick Pankhurst!

Nick Pankhurst
und Louise Ashcroft!


The show got it’s title from the inscription on Marcel Duchamp‘s gravestone:



The first room at the show – which really is in a converted bank vault – features the film by Duchamp I have been restoring (thanks to the LSFF), as well as an original Duchamp rotorrelief, a reproduction of the postcard he sent from his Herne Bay holiday, and a photograph by Nick Pankhurst

The following rooms are a mix of works by the 3 of us, alongside various found objects and images. Some of it is funny.

I’m nicking some pics from the opening party, taken by Gabriella Sonabend, one of the brains behind the gallery:


Me in polar bear mode above.


‘Doghouse’ video


A table of lovely things.


Lots of people – just to show that I am really popular and loads of people think I’m great.


Artists Rob Ryan and Cathy Ward.

The rest of these great photos from the opening night are here.

I will add some pics of the show soon. The show is open Monday to Friday 10 to 6 and Saturdays 12 to 6 until September 6th, please visit!

(and now watch a video by my old friend alex smith of nick pankhurst many years ago from his old band the Beatings :
click here)