In the Doghouse

And there comes the time where I must unveil one of my new projects, namely ‘Doghouse’… named after ‘Funhouse‘ by the Stooges.

Its both a 30 minute film and an installation of sorts. The film will be showing at the Horse Hospital on Friday 22nd October at 8.30 p.m. .. and its free! The Horse Hospital is one of my favourite London venues and well worth keeping an eye on, they have all sorts of underground events there…

And at the same time there will be a small installation/exhibit of ‘Doghouse’ at Tatty Devine in Brick Lane, featuring a shortened version of the film, and some photos by myself and by Toby Amies (an example of which you see above!). The private view is on Friday 14th October and the show continues from then for a while, with the shop open 10-6 daily, closed Mondays…

If you love Iggy, the Stooges, dogs or rock’n’roll, then please come along! ‘Doghouse’ isn’t quite a film, nor quite an art piece, its something mutant, which I think fits the spirit of punk rock quite well actually! Some of the best punk films, like Jubilee or The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle didn’t fit into simple categories. And nor does this.

Welcome to the Doghouse! I would love to expand it into a proper, hour long film about the Stooges, there really isn’t a decent film about them. And its not even really about them, its about the passionate creativity that they seem to symbolise.

Ahhhh, what do I know?! Let me know what you think.