I.D. Magazine on ‘Ekki Mukk’

‘Strange, beautiful, dark and intriguing’ is how I.D. magazine online describe my short film Ekki Mukk. They have a short interview with me on their site, as part of a series celebrating the 10th anniversary of the London Short Film Festival, where it won the Best Film award recently.

What first inspired you to start making films?

“My father gave me his old Super 8 film camera when I was a teenager… it was a beautiful thing, it had 3 interchangeable lenses and just holding it made me feel like a filmmaker! So having that and going on trips to London to see films by Kenneth Anger, John Waters and Derek Jarman at the Scala cinema. You see, this was before the internet existed! But it really took off when I moved to London and went to gigs, all the time, and started documenting the ‘scene’ of the time. One day this band Cornershop said to me and my friend Mikey Tomkins, ‘why don’t you make a pop video for us?’ so we did.”

Read the whole article here.