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This is a still of what finally became of the dead fox in Ekki Mukk!

Sad but beautiful.

Ekki Mukk has been nominated for Best Short Film of the Year at the London Short Film Festival, which is exciting. It is part of a programe being screened at the Curzon Soho on January 6th, more info click here.

A nice review of Ekki Mukk here:

A British snail, a decaying fox, and The Wire’s Mayor Carcetti. What does it all mean? What’s going on in this video? Director Nick Abrahams calls it “a magical journey through an English field,” while also insisting that it’s really just a smaller piece to a bigger puzzle. Not sure he needs to break it out anymore, as the scope in this 10 minute sweeper is far and wide. What “Ekki Mukk” grasps at is the universal themes of loss and discovery and how it’s truly impossible to go at it alone. Death may be inevitable, but there’s always time. As the elemental vocals of Jónsi surface over the song’s twinkling instrumentation, it’s hard to watch that stop motion animation towards the end without a box of tissues. Sigh.

Michael Roffman on Consequences of Sound website.