Eyjafjallajökull, filmmaking and Sigur Ros

This is Youtube footage of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupting earlier this year. Iceland is such a volcanic island, it really doesn’t seem surprising that it comes to life every now and again. And I just wanted to tell you how i let nature play its part in my super 8 film ‘Vid Spilum Endalaust’ I made a couple of years ago now.

When I was making it, I wanted it to be more like a spell than a tour film. And to this end, I tried to use the alchemical process of film making as part of the process. Its very important to me, this physical activity, the flickering of the film frames on a screen, the bathing of the celluloid in liquids to make an image appear…

Here’s a brief moment from the film:

I develop a lot of film by hand, and when I do so I like to drop in various things into the mix to make sure that each batch is different, unexpected, unique. That’s why so much of it looks messed up! For this film I collected volcanic ash from the hallucinatory landscape of Iceland and added it to my film developing chemicals to form a potent cocktail involving the landscape which influences the band’s music so heavily. Hopefully it imbued the resulting footage with something special that couldn’t be found elsewhere!

This is a photo of Kenneth Anger, the magus of independent film, with me. His films, such as ‘Scorpio Rising’, have been so influential. They are less like movies and more like spells, short self-contained dreams.

Innvocation of My Demon Brother, a film by Kenneth Anger.