Closer to Something

Took part in an artists talk at Four Corners on Roman Road and took the opportunity to take some pics of the show I’m in there, called ‘Closer to Something’.

They had this old video of mine playing in the window of the gallery on an old TV, which looked great as you walked down the street.

Nice TV you say? It belongs to Owen who works at Four Corners when he’s not being all guitary in his band, Cee Bee Beaumont.

And inside, Vid Spilum Endalaust could be watched in full on another monitor. Owen told me he ‘couldn’t believe it’ when he saw someone sit down and watch the entire 30 minute film. It’s always good to surprise someone!

The show brings together all sorts of artists who work with an element of chance in their work. Stand out works for me were some amazing portraits by Walter Hugo and a sweet film shot in Derek Jarman’s garden by Geraldine Swayne. But alas you’ll have to hurry to see the show, it ends on December 17th.

Here’s one of Walter Hugo’s beautiful portraits: