Best. Gig. Ever.

Odd though it may seem, but often the best gigs I’ve been at haven’t been by my favourite bands (errrrr… grace jones, david bowie and earl brutus excepted.. hmmmm). Sometimes, because you’re not very interested in a band, they can slip in under your radar and blow you away in a manner that would have been impossible if you had higher expectations..

Anyway, this is a preamble to explain that I directed some clips of a band called the Test-Icicles some years ago. And they were freakin AMAZING! It was a gig at the LSE in London, and the band weren’t very together musically, but they were totally in tune with their audience. I think it was when Myspace was the new thing. I felt like the camera crew were bystanders watching a private party, where everyone including the band, were just having the best time. There seemed to be little difference between the band and the audience…

I think some people might call that punk attitude…

So here’s some kind of EPK I found on a very old hard drive:

I havent uploaded the gig footage itself yet. Someone else has, pretty lo res. I might upload my footage when I find it, meanwhile this is pretty atmospheric anyway:

So, typically, not much later, the band imploded and went their seperate ways, most notably Dev Hynes has carved a successful solo career. People say they paved the way for the Klaxons. Oh well.

But for that night, they seemed to be all about screwing up and making an amazing racket and.. oh yes, having fun. CATCH IT!!