The New Wave of Middle Aged

A very good fun evening last night chatting with a filmmaker I genuinely admire, Peter Strickland, about New York No Wave, underground cinema, music, the Scala – looking backwards and looking forwards!

I wore yet another ridiculous outfit – I cant help myself, there is a fantastic Vintage hire company, the Contemporary wardobe collection, that the Horse Hospital runs, right above the exhibition/viewing space! They provided the jacket for Aiden Gillen in ‘Ekki Mukk’, for instance, but reach as far back as costumes for ‘Quadrophenia‘, and clothing David Bowie.

My outfit was a bit less classy…

here in conversation with Peter:

and afterwards me and Peter also chatted with Ben Rivers – another filmmaker I greatly love and admire – so it was pretty much a lovely evening! I was trying to persuade them we should form a film movement – ‘the new wave of middle aged’ or similar.

Peter screened an old short of his called ‘Bubblegum’, which starred Holly Woodlawn and Nick Zedd.

Here is a photo of Peter back then, with Zedd. And yes that is real hair. Well, Peters…

And we raised a bunch of cash for the Horse Hospital! rah!