A History of Transgression

If I was in New York, I would definitely be attending the Nick Zedd Festival this week at the Glasshouse. Lots of interesting films to do with the Cinema of Transgression and so on. On Tuesday 15th January there will be a talk by by Nick Zedd, the amazing Kembra Pfahler and Michael Chaiken, as well as a screening of my film ‘No Age New York’, old films by the Viennese Aktionists, as well as films by Zedd himself. Fun for all the family!

Anyway, find out more info on the festival by clicking here.

Days 2-3 are dedicated to the Cinema of Transgression Movement

Days 4-5 are dedicated to Nick Zedd’s films from the late 90’s until his most recent works

Kembra Pfahler looking great in Nick Zedd’s ‘War is Menstrual Envy’!